carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

When you hire a carpet cleaner, you expect your carpets to be cleaned from the deepest part of the fibers. At Unique Steaming Carpet Cleaning of Hampton, we understand these expectations. That’s why we use powerful equipment and techniques that are based on years of experienced to clean carpets of all materials in the most in-depth manner possible. Whether your carpets are pure white or a darker shade, we’ll work hard to lift dirt and stains so they look better, smell better, and are softer than ever before. Our service can’t be beat and our prices are affordable as well!

Upholstery Cleaning

At Unique Steaming Carpet Cleaning, our upholstery cleaning services in Hampton are designed to keep your heirlooms safe and your furniture beautiful. We use gentle yet effective cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning, to remove stains, get rid of allergens and eliminate dirt and dust. The material is always kept in mind to ensure safety and our technicians always take their time because they know how important your furniture is. Once finished and dried, we promise you’ll love the way your furniture looks, no matter what we’ve cleaned!

Tile and Granite Cleaning

If you have tile or granite in your Hampton home, let Unique Steaming Carpet Cleaning take care of cleaning it. With years of experience cleaning all types of tile and all colors of granite, you can rely on us for beautiful results in a short amount of time. We use time-tested cleaning methods and we always pay close attention to detail because we know that’s what makes all the difference. From countertops to floors, we can clean it all. If you’re tired of breaking your back to clean these, we’d love to help to get you started with a cleaner home.

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